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Sohmer Associates Builds Brand Identity
Stereophile When audio/video powerhouse NHT sought to strengthen its brand through an aggressive media relations outreach, Sohmer Associates arranged a company profile in Stereophile’s e-newsletter that captured the essence of the brand while promoting its products. The resulting article positioned NHT as a market innovator with “heart and soul” that extends throughout the company. Stereophile eNews

Sohmer Identifies Emerging Technologies
Other Advertising Those who work with Adam Sohmer – his clients and the media – know firsthand the level of expertise he has in field of consumer technology. But he is also recognized as an expert by the industry at large, often writing reviews and opinion pieces for various trade and mainstream media outlets. One of his recent articles was an overview of emerging technologies for electronic advertising, published in Other Advertising: The Magazine for Nontraditional Marketing.
Other Advertising

Sohmer Pens Monthly Newsletter for NHT
NHTTo provide NHT customers and other audiophiles with the latest company news and items of interest, Sohmer is a monthly newsletter for this designer of high-end speakers. The newsletter includes information about new products and enhancements as well as guest columns ghostwritten by Sohmer for industry experts and others involved in bringing good music to our ears.
NHT Newsletter


Sohmer Puts Fosgate Audionics on the Cover of Stereophile
Stereophile To showcase the new FAP V1 pre-amp from Fosgate Audionics, Sohmer arranged a series of in-room demonstrations for the industry’s top media and analysts. This led to a variety of coverage, including a cover story in Stereophile with the headline: “Ultimate Surround Sound – Jim Fosgate’s FAP V1 PreAmp.” Stereophile

Sohmer Provides Forum For Sharpe Partners
OMMAWith Sharpe Partners looking to define and demonstrate its role as an innovative leader in online marketing, Sohmer delivered a byline article for the agency in OMMA: The Magazine of Online Media, Marketing, & Advertising. Not only did he help his client identify and secure the opportunity, but he also worked closely with the client to shape the message and write the piece – ensuring that it achieved the desired results. OMMA

Pegasus America’s PC NoteTaker Showcased on QVC
Sohmer appeared on the QVC shopping channel to promote Pegasus America’s PC NoteTaker. Look for the segment to air sometime between 10-11 PM Eastern on June 16. The PC NoteTaker is the easiest way to capture, organize, and share handwritten notes or drawings on a computer.

Sohmer Cited in Mobile Electronics Reviews
Mobile Electronics Omnifi Digital Media Player
Mobile Electronics Dual XDM6800 CD Receiver


Audio Engineering Society Panel Moderator
Does Quality Matter or Has the iPod® Defeated the Listening Room?
Billboard Stereophile Pro Sound News Sohmer moderated a panel discussing the relevance of 16Bit and high-resolution recordings (i.e., DVD-A and SACD) in a market where consumers are flocking to the portability – and significantly lower sonic quality – of digital media players such as Apple’s iPod®.
Stereophile  Pro Sound News  Billboard

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