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Polk Audio

The following releases and photos are available. Releases are in Microsoft Word or PDF format, photos are jpeg files. Click on any link to access. To download, right-click (control-click on Mac) and select "Save Target As…", "Save Link As…" or "Download linked file as…"

Polk I Sonic ES3 release
Polk Ultrafocus Headphones
Polk I Sonic ES3 product preview
UltraFocus 6000 Info Sheet
UltraFocus 8000 Info Sheet


Download entire Polk Audio 2012 presskit (17Mb)
Polk I Sonic ES3 front angle
Polk I Sonic ES3 rear
Polk UltraFocus UF6000 pair
Polk UltraFocus UF6000 controller
Polk UltraFocus UF6000
Polk UltraFocus UF8000 angle